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Frequently Asked Questions

I had a very good response originally. But Gromit was lost in his travels...and we have a new Gromit who wants to travel. People have asked loads of questions. I have answered the most frequent ones below.

Gromit is quite small. He's about 3/4 of a pound w/the packaging (just weighed him-metric conversions, he's less than 0.5 kg) & he's about 7 inches tall by 4 inches wide (or 18cm by 10cm).


Please share a little fact or point of interest about your town or area where your photos are taken. Gromit loves to learn!

You may give Gromit gifts. Please be sure that they are practical. He could use a new jumper and a solid pair of boots. He'll ask you what he would like. It might be a good idea to send a little gift with him for the next person who will share their travels with him!

Who Gromit would like to meet:

Local celebrities, rock stars, news presenters, dj's, radio presenters, goat herders, shepherds, children, schools, boyscouts or girlscouts, parents, and namely, YOU!

What Gromit would like to see/where he would like to travel:

Local landmarks, sunrises/sunsets on the horizon, mountain ranges/vallies, town celebrations, holiday celebrations, a birthday party, camping trip, a local play production, a movie, on a road trip, by the ocean, sea, lake, pond, river, waterfall, etc., in the desert, a sports game, or simply having tea with you!


I ask that you keep him for only one week before sending him on the rest of his travels. Please keep the photos clean & presentable for people of all ages.

Any other questions, feel free to ask! Thanks!

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