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New Gromit!!!

We have a new Gromit asking to travel!!!

Are you in the UK and would like to help Gromit travel? Please email me and he will visit you soon!

All related information is below. :)
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aww.. what ever happened to the old gromit?
I do believe he got lost in the post, but if you asked my Father, I'm sure that he would tell you that he took Gromit away to a family that owns a farm and they are taking very good care of him.
Are you in the UK

No. Is he going to be traveling internationally again?
Yes, he will. I wanted to send him around the UK first though. If you're outside the UK as well, let me know & I'll keep you in mind for when he's packed his passport!

he's back?


June 24 2007, 17:09:23 UTC 10 years ago

kiteless is still interested. kiteles is bummed kiteless missed out last time.
if he ever wants to visit the states...i'm in Michigan :)
I'll be in Ireland over new years', if Gromit would like an escort across the pond I'd be happy to bring him with me ^_^